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The Kapitolnik


The Kapitolnik Method is a new and revolutionary method of injury rehabilitation using movement.

Originally, the method was designated for soccer, but it is now also being implemented successfully in many other sports such as basketball, martial arts, and athletics and can also be used by recreational athletes and the general population.

The rehabilitation technique is based on a unique development that integrates knowledge and capabilities in movement rehabilitation and in the principals underlying sports training theories .

Yuval Kapitolnik, founder of the Kapitolnik Method, is a certified soccer coach and was previously a first-league player. He experienced several injuries that curtailed his promising career. This motivated him to promote other athletes and to help rehabilitate them from injuries.

The Kapitolnik Method challenges traditional methods of rehabilitation, setting new standards to the treatment, rehabilitation and attitude towards injuries of soccer players and competitive athletes.

Main advantages:

  • Significant reduction of recovery time

  • Improvement in the quality of recovery

  • Reduction of deterioration in the capabilities of the affected limb/s

  •  Maintenance of  level of physical fitness

  • Maintenance of sport- specific capabilities

  • Prevention of recurrent injuries

  • Utilization of recovery time in order to improve overall and sport-specific fitness

  • Return of athlete to team or individual sport in earlier stages of rehabilitation


Thus, in soccer, for example, the players will be more fit to play in dramatically shorter timetables compared to conventional rehabilitation treatments.  Moreover, recurrence of injury or secondary injury will be significantly reduced and the player will emerge professionally fitter overall.

The principals of this method and resulting protocols are successfully implemented on competitive athletes and recreational athletes  alike who are recovering from a wide range of sports injuries or operations.

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